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Donate To A Fund

  Donate American Legion Post 143
The American Legion is a service organization made up of veterans who served honorably in any of the military service groups and decided to continue serving their Country and community as Legionnaires.  
  Donate Bowdon Area Historical Society
This fund supports the Bowdon Area Historical Society.
  Donate Bowdon Schools' Educational
We want to provide the very best for students in terms of access and opportunity to prepare them for college and beyond. We are firmly committed to seeking and providing funding for landmark learning technology and experiences that give students at the three Bowdon Schools a strong competitive education.
  Donate Carroll County CASA

The Carroll County Child Advocacy Center exists to champion the needs of sexually, physically, and emotionally abused children in Carroll, Haralson and Heard counties through prevention, intervention and collaboration.
  Donate Carroll County Child Advocacy Center

The Carroll County Child Advocacy Center exists to champion the needs of sexually, physically, and emotionally abused children in Carroll, Haralson and Heard counties through prevention, intervention and collaboration.
  Donate Carroll County Genealogical Society
This fund supports the Carroll County Genealogical Society.
  Donate Carroll County Mental Health Advocates

The mission of CMHA is to be the "missing link" for individuals and families impacted by mental health illness and addiction in Carroll County.
  Donate Carroll County Schools Performing Arts Center
Carroll County Schools Performing Arts Center operates as a multi-use facility that connects our students and community with a broad range of Fine Arts programs; fosters community partnerships for Fine Arts education; stimulates economic growth for the west Georgia area; and creates an overall premier experience for our performers and guests. 
  Donate Carrollton City Schools Education Foundation

Since 1993, the Carrollton City Schools Education Foundation has granted more than $900,000 in scholarships, instructional excellence grants, and donor-advised grants. The Golden Giving Campaign is the annual fundraising campaign that provides resources to enhance academic offerings for all students at Carrollton City Schools. The two primary areas of funding from this campaign include instructional grants for classrooms and field trip experiences for students. The suggested donation amount is $10 monthly or $120 annually.
  Donate Circles of West Georgia

We strive to provide a “next step” in the services that our community provides to its members who are struggling to meet basic needs consistently. Circles of West Georgia provides long-term, one-on-one, adult mentoring around improved education and employment, financial management and personal growth and improvement.
  Donate City Station

This fund supports City Station and mission projects.
  Donate Ephesus Baptist Church Cemetery
This fund supports the Ephesus Baptist Church cemetery.
  Donate Ferst Readers of Carroll County

Ferst Readers of Carroll County is a nonprofit whose mission is to develop literacy among young children. These books are for ALL children in Carroll County regardless of race, religion, or financial need. Books are mailed to children each month. Currently, we are providing books for over 3,500 children monthly and our registrant base is still growing.
  Donate Friends of Buchanan-Haralson Public Library
This fund supports the Buchanan-Haralson Public Library.
  Donate Friends of Carrollton Disc Golf
This fund supports the Hobbs Farm Disc Golf course.
  Donate Friends of McIntosh Reserve
This fund supports the McIntosh Reserve.
  Donate Friends of Neva Lomason Memorial Library
This fund supports the Neva Lomason Memorial Library.
  Donate Friends of Oak Grove Montessori School, Inc.
Funds are used to further the mission of OGM to provide the premier, authentic Montessori experience in West Georgia.
  Donate Friends of the Carrollton Center for the Arts
The purpose of the Carrollton Arts Commission Creative Fund (CACCF) is to help foster the development of artists and art initiatives that cannot be funded by general operating support through the City of Carrollton.  The fund is designed to allow the community to support the arts by charitable giving. 
  Donate Friends of the Carrollton Greenbelt Project
Friends of Carrollton GreenBelt is a member-driven, grassroots organization striving to create an environmentally sensitive trail system in Carrollton while promoting health, fitness, and livability by integrating transportation with recreation.
  Donate Friends of the Villa Rica City Cemeteries Fund
Supports the upkeep and preservation of the City of Villa Rica Cemeteries which Includes Hillcrest Cemetery, Garden of Rest Cemetery, and Old Villa Rica Cemetery.
  Donate Friends of the Villa Rica Public Library
Friends of the Villa Rica Public Library provides support for equipment and other resources needed by the library.
  Donate Friends of the Whitesburg Public Library
The fund provides library services to the local community.
  Donate Hopewell Primitive Baptist Church
This fund supports the Hopewell Primitive Baptist Church.
  Donate Jesse Austin Stringfellow Memorial Fund
Donations can be made in Jesse Austin’s memory to CFWG and be used for the following institutions: Oak Mountain Academy where Jesse Austin developed his passion for learning and academics. Outdoor Recreation of Georgia Tech (ORGT) where Jesse Austin further explored his love of the outdoors by learning to whitewater kayak and then to teach and lead others.
  Donate Keep Carroll Beautiful Fund

Keep Carroll Beautiful works hard on preventing and removing litter from our neighborhoods, parks, and roads. Adopt-A-Road and Adopt-A-Trail are two ongoing initiatives that have an immediate and measurable impact on the appearance of our community. The presence of volunteers along the roads and trails also provides exposure to the trash problem and deters future littering.
  Donate Lion's Safari Park
This fund supports the maintenance and refurbishment of Lion's Safari Park.
  Donate Mt. Zion Cemetery
This fund support the up keep and maintenance of the cemetery.
  Donate Partners Advancing Student Success

Partners Advancing Student Success (PASS) of Carrollton City and Carroll County schools is a nonprofit organization focused on improving student success. We work directly with school systems by placing an “Advocate” inside the schools to assess at-risk student’s needs, and then work with them to provide guidance and connections to community resources to help meet those needs.
  Donate Pink Posse
This fund provides support for individuals financially, who are currently undergoing medical treatment in the Fayette County area.
  Donate Russell Collier Scholarship Fund
The Russ Collier Youth Recreation Scholarship Fund financially assists youth in memory of Russ Collier. The scholarship fund benefits kids in need that participate in sports with the Carrollton and Bremen Recreation Departments. Russ grew up and worked at the Carrollton Recreation Department. When Russ saw kids in need he would buy them new shoes and equipment so they could be prepared like others around them.
  Donate Shiloh United Methodist Garrett Memorial
This fund support the Shiloh United Methodist Garrett Memorial Fund.
  Donate Southeastern Quilt & Textile Museum

This fund support the Southeastern Quilt & Textile Museum.
  Donate West Georgia Council on Aging
This fund supports and assists senior citizens in the West Georgia area.
  Donate Whitesburg Area Christian Ministries
Eight local churches, representing Baptist, Christian, Church of God, and Methodist congregations, have come together in one accord to form Whitesburg Area Christian Ministries. These include Banning Church of God, Ephesus Christian Church, Whitesburg Baptist Church, Mt. Avery Baptist Church, Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, New Hope Baptist Church, Whitesburg Christian Church, and Whitesburg United Methodist Church. The ministry's mission is to identify the needs of area residents and to provide opportunities for the members of participating churches and the community at large to respond to these needs through prayer, volunteerism, and financial support. Our cooperative minitries are helping to bring people throughout the Whitesburg area closer together.
  Donate Whitesburg Baptist Church
Provides Funds to be used for the repair and maintenance of the church.
Donor Advised
  Donate AYA Campus
AYA is more than just a school. Through excellent academics and active pursuit of God’s word, we’ve created a spirit-filled community in which opportunities transform futures. Serving youth in pre-K through eighth grade preparing them for what lies ahead and leading them to pattern their lives after Christ.
  Donate Carroll County Constitutional Officers
This fund provides support for local graduating seniors.
  Donate Denise Burson
  Donate Fulford Family Foundation
This fund support the Fulford Family Foundation.
  Donate Jake Martin Foundation
  Donate Matthew 6 Fund
...when you give to the needy do not announce it so that your giving can be secret.
  Donate Sam Postelle Scholarship Fund
Sam Postelle was a 26 year old young man who was needlessly killed by a drunk driver on the morning of November 6th, 2019. Sam spent his life helping others and his kind spirit still needs to be carried on through his foundation. Sam loved his family and loved to give to those in need. He was involved in his church and the Delta Airlines Community where he worked before his tragic death. Thank you for caring about our community.
  Donate Shelli Roden Memorial Foundation
This fund support classroom field trips for students in West Georgia.
  Donate Southwire's Project GIFT

Project GIFT (Giving Inspiration for Tomorrow) grew from a desire among Southwire employees to improve the places we call home. By sharing our time and talents, we help build stronger communities. Started by a small group of employees who simply wanted an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of their friends and neighbors, Project GIFT remains a grassroots effort. Southwire provides valuable support through resources and flexibility in work schedules, but Project GIFT team members plan and schedule all volunteer efforts.
  Donate Will Garrett Memorial
This purpose of the fund is to provide a scholarship to a student at Oak Mountain Academy.
Field of Interest
  Donate Arts Abroad
The Arts Abroad fund is a Field of Interest fund that provides support for artists and writers seeking cultural and creative enrichment abroad.
  Donate Arts Enrichment for Our Children
To provide funds for public school music, art, and drama programs located in Carroll, Haralson, and Heard counties. State certified music, art, and drama teachers in a public school located in Carroll, Haralson, or Heard counties for grades Pre-K through 12.
  Donate Katherine Trinka Davis Rynne
This fund was established in 2009 to both honor the life work of Ms. Davis and provide a permanent fund to assist veterans and their families. Ms. Davis was a very successful business woman who owned Trintex Corporation in Bowdon from the early 1970’s. This fund is a legacy that will provide direct assistance to local veterans and their families indefinitely.
  Donate Power of the Purse
Power of the Purse (POP) is a women's giving circle dedicated to improving the lives of women and children in Haralson, Heard, and Carroll counties. Please submit your annual donation of $100 for your membership.
  Donate Community Impact
A significant way the Community Foundation is making a difference in Carroll, Haralson and Heard Counties is through the Community Impact Fund’s annual competitive grant process. Organizations in the three counties can apply for grants that are awarded in six areas: arts & culture, economic development, education, environmental impact, human services, and medical & hospice.
  Donate Founder's Society
CFWG’s Founder’s Society Fund acts as a reserve account for the Foundation. This fund helps to ensure the Foundation’s success by providing back-up resources for Operations.
  Donate Operating
A gift to the Operating Endowment Fund helps support the ongoing work of the Community Foundation to foster philanthropy in our community. It provides us with vital administration funding that supports our day-to-day activities.
Other Funds